Searching for the Truth

A Word from Wayne

Some of WOW’s Topic-content may have triggered skepticism in some of you, or perhaps down-right disbelief? And that’s okay! In-fact it’s great! We all should want to explore the truth for ourselves instead of blindly accepting somebody else’s opinion.

Unfortunately a lot of us have become prone to doing this almost automatically. As a result we can be miss-informed or miss-led or wrongly influenced as to future beliefs.

Now more than ever we should get in the habit of verifying everything before accepting anything as the truth! And although I have done my research on whatever content you have just read, I do heartily suggest that you look further into the subject and formulate your own opinions.

After all! That is what I’m promoting here at the Word of Wayne! That is the main goal! To get you engaged and using your Brain! To make you curious enough to want to find out more about the truth! Or more correctly; to form your own opinion, on “what you think?” — is the truth!

“It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.” ― Carl Sagan

Always — search for the truth!