Tales of a Road Band: The Groupies

Someone who pursues a celebrity or performer, most often a musician or member of a band, typically by following their performance tour in order to gain intimate access to them, and especially to pursue a sexual relationship or encounter. β€” These are the Groupies! Continue reading “Tales of a Road Band: The Groupies”

Memories of an Outlaw Band

Perhaps some of the more unique experiences I have to share are the years I spent in the early 80’s as lead singer of my own touring Country Band. β€” Corky And The County Outlaws!Β  From seedy darken taverns filled with lost hope to the bright lights of elite Country Clubs. A journey of good times and bad, wild nights and long days of travel. So many memories! And the stories β€” Oh the stories I could tell… Continue reading “Memories of an Outlaw Band”