Is Humankind Inherently Good or Evil?

It seems to be a simple enough question, short and straight forward. Are we inherently Good or Evil? Are we born with evil (bad) tendencies or good ones? Or perhaps, an early born mixture of both? What about nature vs nurture? Are we good or bad depending on the genetic genes our parents pass on to us? Or is it how we’re raised or in what environment? Is Humankind — Good or Evil? Continue reading “Is Humankind Inherently Good or Evil?”

The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home?

For the most part, humans are an intelligent species. Yet curiously, once alone and hidden from the eyes of our social peers — safe in our private abodes, our hair temporarily let down — the word Intelligent comes into question? Here we’re prone to foolish behavior, superstitions, routines and habits. Silly, even gross self-entertaining behavior. Functioning at times as if our brains have gone to sleep or temporarily are “Out of Order?” Sometimes it seems, our lights are on — but nobody’s home? Continue reading “The Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home?”

The Power and Control of Emotion

We are a very emotional species! Part of being human is having to deal with these emotions both our own, and of others. However, most of our emotions are not freely on display instead hidden away inside of us battling for influence in all aspects of our daily lives and unfortunately — winning a great many of these battles.

Continue reading “The Power and Control of Emotion”

Doomed by Human Nature

If today represents a snapshot in time of humankind’s evolution, it seems we are at this point, the very essence of contradiction. We have the dual personalities of being both caring and charitable, compassionate and humane yet with an ongoing history of violence, segregation, power and greed. Is evolution not yet through with us? — Or is this who we really are?  Continue reading “Doomed by Human Nature”