Can America Be Great Again?

Let’s face it, Joe Biden is not a particularly strong presidential candidate. In fact, in normal times, his chances might be slim and none. But these are not normal times and this is not a business as usual U.S. election. Because this years race has less to do with two opponents vying for the presidency of the United States and more to do with a showing of allegiance. A, for or against one candidate. — A vote for Trump or No Trump! Continue reading “Can America Be Great Again?”

I Am Canadian!

So what do you know about Canada? I ask because for the most part, Canada always seems to fly under the radar. Known mostly as a quiet, peaceful nation populated by quiet well-mannered people. So when someone asks about what Canada’s like? It’s oh, nice people, quiet cold country, I guess? But those of us who live here know better. So too, those who have actually visited our country and certainly those prominent on the grand international stage. Dig deeper and Canada will surprise you! Continue reading “I Am Canadian!”