Nightmares: Kill Them And Be Free

An old decrepit house, rundown and long-abandoned, carries a haunting legacy. A legacy of murder and suicide and the insanity of its long-dead owner. Some say he still haunts this place of damnation, calling softly in the dead of night to those who come too near. Luring them closer and closer. I have heard his calling, In fact hear it still when I close my eyes. For it is in slumber that he awaits me. In my Nightmare’s does he return! Continue reading “Nightmares: Kill Them And Be Free”

Nightmares: The Awakening

The Nightmares are getting worse! The last two, recurring at the scene of a long-ago childhood haunted house (or so the legend would tell it) scared the living hell right out of me. So now I’m afraid to sleep. Terrified that the next nightmare will have me face to face with the dead owner of that evil place. Afraid to step foot upon his haunted grounds and rouse him from his slumber. Terrified at the consequences of his — Evil Awakening! Continue reading “Nightmares: The Awakening”