Tales of a Road Band

Perhaps some of the more unique experiences I have to share is the years I spent in the early 80’s as lead singer of my own touring Country Band band. “Corky and The County Outlaws.”

From our humble early beginnings to the crazy times on-tour crisscrossing the province of Ontario Canada and beyond. Four young male musicians seeking adventure and living out their dream of making music for a living. Through the good times and bad, wild nights and long days of travel we experienced interesting people, places and seedy darken taverns filled with lost hope.

So many stories to tell! But, there is a problem! Traditionally in the music industry it is considered strictly taboo to openly talk about what happens on the road when your in a band. Like Vegas, what happens on the road — stays on the road!

This of course to protect the integrity of the band members from any wrongdoings, improprieties or accused infidelities that may later come into question. Like the Groupies perhaps? And so for some 40 years now I have respected this musician’s credo and remained silent!

But today is a new day and much time has passed since the old Band days. Enough time in fact that I feel now its safe, the wait is over and the time has finally come to let those crazy old band stories come alive.

So Join me, as I retell and relive the journey. Hear the music (audio file link) as you follow along, from our very first time on stage to the studio recordings. Hear the stories, experience the good times and bad, the laughter and the lessons hard earned. The wild times and examples of youthful indulgence of a young and care-free group of musicians traveling on the road together.

 I invite you dear reader, to eaves drop on those unrestricted and eventful days of long ago. Hear the true stories of the people, the events, the after show parties, that have until now — never been told!

Corky and the County Outlaws at Dallas Club

There is no fiction in among my tales. The stories you’ll hear are all true. This is an open and honest account of my experiences as a young man in his early 20’s touring on the road as lead singer of his own four piece Country band — Corky and the County Outlaws!


So Join me and let’s hit the road together! Back into the past where our journey will begin. Our travels are long and weary but in time we finally reach our first destination! Now the time has come to step on stage and start the show. — Are You Ready?


“Tales of a Road Band!”

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