What Others Are Saying


“Even when you’re writing something as messy and whimsical as Nature, your style is all clean and collected, rendering an effect direct and convincing” — Dot on “Coming Home To Nature”


“Really enjoyed reading this article. Will definitely have to find time to read more of your blog. You have a real talent for expressing yourself. Keep up the good work and continue to develop your skills. You never know where it will lead – a book maybe?” — Sonja on “RIP: The Dying of Television”


“Creepy story well told! I’d keep this story going and develop it. You’ve got that Stephen King touch!” — George on “Nightmare: A Visit From My Evil Side”


“Thank you for this wonderful nostalgic post” — May on “Things Were Different When I Was A Kid”


“Forgot to say that you’re really a great writer. One can tell from your writing that you are good at critical thinking, having a rather active mind, strong belief, and vivid expression. You are the one who can afford to have greater ambition” — Dot on “RIP: The Dying of Television”


“You’ve covered it all. I can’t think of anything to add on, and I have everything to learn from your masterpiece.” — Megan on “The World’s Greatest Story Teller”


Well written post. We need to get back to the days of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!” Live and let live. Too early in the day to raise my blood pressure so I will say no more. But again let me say, excellent post. Couldn’t agree more. — Iginla on “The Troubling Power of Social Media”


Love reading your posts! I’ve sort of backed away from social media here lately. But I’ll be back more frequently to visit your blog — Harold on “Fate, Destiny or the Roll of the Dice”